Sunday, 23 June 2013


Hey Beaus!

So I've been working on creating collection of ready to wear , fun , sexy but not trashy clothing! I've aimed to do this using  some super fun fabrics which ultimately add extra vavavoom to the simplest of  my designs.
Now!, so my collection isnt meant to be along the lines if the Mcqueen's and uber high fashion designers, its simple, fun and unique clothing . I've been having a lot of fun doing it aswell and getting a lot of positive feedback which is alwaaaays great to hear. 
As the collection continues to grow ill upload images and your feedback and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is more than welcome. It's all going to be up for sale in the upcoming weeks and will be made to order. 

A lot of my inspiration is from everyday clothing because as I said , this collection is meant to be accessible to anyone. It's super versatile! I want almost anyone to be able to pick it up and wear it their way,  Here are a couple of images on things I've made so far and more images coming in the days to come!!

Muchas Besos xxx