Friday, 19 July 2013

#WardrobeWinner : Clover Canyon

Hey Beaus..,

Thought I'd fill you in on my most recent obsession. I've been spazzing out (in a good way) over Californian brand "Clover Canyon" . Their eccentric, bold and exciting collections seriously make my heart light up. 
Now, I'm a big fan of prints, coordinates and bright colours so I absolutely love the way in which the collections manage to be bold and conspicuous but not lousy. Clover canyons clothing remains chic, collected and sophisticated even with all the colours and patterns going on with the fabrics . I love the way the designers exceed at creating a balance between cuts and colours . 
It's not cheap! But hey, nothing great comes cheap. But for the most part some of the clothing is actually quite affordable ...Kinda... 
Clover canyon has been papped on everyone who's anyone from Elizabeth Moss, Jordin Sparks , Khloe Kardashian and even landed a feature on Beyonce's blog.
Definitely worth checking out !!!

Stay tuned...
Stay beautiful ...x

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