Friday, 3 May 2013

#NewMusic: Anita Nicole

Hey Beaus!

If you love R&B/ Soul music then this post is 100% for you.

Extremely talented rising star, Anita Nicole debuted her first single 'Ecstasy" from her self entitled EP 'Anita Nicole'.  Her music is so full of emotion, soul and unending passion! She brings back a lot of that depth a lot of poplular music seems to lacking in these days.  The music definitley speaks for itself!

The former Brit school student is sure to be a household name in time to come.  At only 19 she shows great determination and work ethic to achieve success and is most certainly on the right path. All she needs is for the right management to pick her up, polish her and turn her into the star she's soon to become!

Click link to listen >>>>  Anita Nicole - Ecstasy by AnitaNicole  

Stay tuned...
Stay Beautiful ...x

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