Wednesday, 6 March 2013

We Heart Beyonce!

Hey Beaus!, 
   Queen Bey!! There really isn't much to not love about her! On stage she looks amazing and from the pics below she looks just as great when shes not too busy dominating the world and awing us with those amazing moves of hers. 
Im absolutley loving her off-stage look an how all the outfits have been accesorized and styled. Her take on street style is extremely stylish, simple yet statment! It looks like shes a fan of pants/trousers and point toe shoes, which are all the rage right now. There isnt a shoe store you wouldnt find a pair in! 
Her look is super easy to achieve and easy on the pockets too!

Tip: Tapered trousers and harem pants are stylish way to add some glam to your wardrobes. Their loose fits mean you get comfort and still get to keep the style!

All images from instagram.

Stay Tuned!...
Stay Beautiful...x

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