Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Runway Report: Givenchy Fall-Winter 2013

 Hey Beaus,

  An enticingly magnetic fall-winter line by Ricardo Tisci debuted a few days ago in Paris. The scene was set by an orchestra and live performance by artist Antony Hegarty, creating a solemn, calm and melodic ambience.
It seems the designer was inspired by elements of a raw and dark street style. Gypsy culture also took centre stage with variations of tiered skirts and dresses.
We see new designs for  the signature crew neck sweatshirts; from animated designs to embellishments. Tisci's got leather bikers, bombers, and collarless fur jackets keeping us warm this winter. Wide leg trousers, peplum silhouettes and a plenitude of sheer skirts in a variety of lenghts. Not exactly practical for winter but since when is high fashions priority praticality.
Can't forget the footwear!! Im not sure if i should call them ankle boots, they're a very awkward lenght. Mid-lenght maybe...? All outfits were teamed with the snakeskin boots with a comma shaped heel.
The collection is far from short of detail! All together i would essentially say its very bold, free and subtly sexy .  I get an edgy venetian romantic feel from all of it!


Stay Tuned....
Stay Beautiful....x

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