Thursday, 14 March 2013

I Love Statement Jewellery !

Hey Beaus,

Went to the Big Sean concert last night in London! Absolutely Loved It!! I've now suddenly developed this deep and rather unhealthy infatuation with him Lol!! (Which seems to happen to me after any concert I go to lol! )

Anywayyyy updating ya'll on the jewellery I decided to rock to the concert! I absolutely love statement jewellery it's fun and its bold ! Different! Conspicuous ! Stylish! And a whole bunch of other brilliant adjectives lol
Statement jewellery a fun way to spice up a really simple outfit ! And since I decided not to go all out on an outfit last night I just layered up with neck candy!

Details :
Chunky Chain (@the top) - Asos
Gold Chain (Middle)- Old Topshop
Eagle Chain - Topshop

Stay Tuned...
Stay Beautiful...x

1 comment:

  1. bold move to wear so many statement pieces at once, i like!