Wednesday, 20 March 2013

ODF Clothing

Hey Beaus!

About One.Diverse.Fashion;

Super hot independent brand ODF clothing is by all means a force to be reckoned with! Born just over two year ago and has appeared in numerous shows including appearances in London fashion week and on ASOS. The brand is rapidly growing and steadily becoming a household name.
ODF clothing according to founder Nicholas 'Dex' Amfo is inspired by culture, lifestyle and simplicity. The brand represents diverisity in all forms and that's boldly showcased through their models and creativity in styling.
It has a rather preppy yet cool urban feel to it. Is simple enough to wear everyday but stylish enough to ensure you still stand out. Designs vary from  polos, blazers, printed shirts, bombers ...& loads more!. There's most defintley something for everyone I would say! The simplicity of designs leaves room for your own personal style to shine through, and thats always a plus!!

Available on Asos Marketplace & Urban Junction in London

Stay Tuned...
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