Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A Toast To New Ventures!!


Firstly Happy New Year everyone and i hope we all entered the new year in style ;)
This year i set myself a variety of goals and tasks that i've promised  myself to commit to. Besides the unattainable goals like looking like a Victoria's Secret model haha! and becoming besties with Kanye, blogging was amongst my many fashion related goals! and im pretty darn excited about it too :)

So here it is !! 

What to expect:
97% of my posts will of course be fashion related,
Latest trends
Trend forecasts
Whats on the runway?
Street Style
Where to buy
Outfit of the day
High Fashion Vs High Street
& so much more

Balmain AW12
You'll be bombarded with beauty tips/secrets , Makeup Mania, Events,TV and of course i may just sneak in the odd bit of celeb goss ;)

It'll be lotsa fun , i can feel it in the air :)

Stay tuned!

Stay Beautiful...x
Versace SpringSummer2013

Designer: A.Morir


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