Thursday, 3 January 2013

Trend Forecast: Spring Summer 2013

OMG... so I'm super excited about the new trends for the forth coming season. Spring/ summer is always great to dress for and this season designers have definitley stepped up to the plate. I spent all night stalking so many collections, watching show after show (my eyes are burning lol)  and looking out for what seemed to pop up across the diffferent designers! So here they are beaus!
Firstly and by far my most cherished :


This season captured the essensce of the modern day woman. Strong! She's sexy , independent, masculinity becomes her but in all that she doesn't loose her elegance or feminine traits .
Featuring loads of trousers, blazers, structured cuts, the power shoulder

It takes a pretty bold belle to wear this look well

Who did it best!

Jean Paul Gaultier SS13
Balmain SS13
Fendi SS13



1. If you're going for this look its always easy to go back to basics with colours black/white/navy blue
2. Switch it up with a hint of colour.Reds n pinks will restore femininity
3.Be sure to have a fitted piece, something that contours your body, the last thing you want is to loose your silhouette
4. For extra sex appeal, a tight fitted crop top would be fab!!

Sheer Madness

Sheer fabrics were implemented in so many pieces, dresses, skirts, everything! Its always an easy way to draw attention to and outfit without doing too much. It can be sexy, pure, chic or really any look you want to go for.


Who did it best!

Giambattista Valli SS13
Jason Wu SS13


Prabal Gurung SS13


1. Sheer clothing could easily look tacky if not worn properly . The low density of the fabrics and its transparency already ooze 'sexy' so try to go for loose fitting dresses or blouses if sheer to keep that elegance.
2. Pieces with hints of sheer fabrics in the right places (waist area, neckline) are always a safe way to play it.

Its always IN!

Black and white are two colours that will forever complimet each other. So simple, so plain yet make such bold statements. White is definietley one of my most favourite colours to wear. Black is Über safe, its pretty difficult to go wrong in a black attire whilst white can be considered quite risqué,
Both together in an outifit make a bold statement . Its very 'less is more' ish.

Who did it best!

Balmain SS13
Alexander Wang SS13






Alexander Wang SS13



1. You cant go wrong with minimalism.
2. Black is slimming.
3. If you consider yourself quite self conscious about your body but love to wear white. Opt for the white tunic. Loose enough for comfort. Fitted enough to feel gorgeous! 

The Infamous 2-Piece

You cant not love the 2 piece attire! It's a quick and easy way to look like you've done more than you really have lol (keep that in mind ;)). From shorts and blouses, to high-waisted skirts and crop tops. The best part about the two piece attire is you can consistently mix and match pieces in your wardrobe which of course is a blessing when your pockets are a little sore lol.

Who did it best!

Jeremy Scott SS13
Balenciaga SS13

Jason Wu SS13

1. For added 'pazazz' lol, Choose a piece (top or bottom doesnt really matter but ideally the part of your body you'd prefer to draw attention to) and let that piece be a printed fabric.
2. Snakeskin is hot right now.
3. Vertical stripes are slimming and add lenght for my fellow petite ladies :).
4. Horizontal stripes add width so if you're a little slender around the hip area use that to create the illusion of wider hips.


 Deep V

The deep V neckline is just so super sexy and feminine. Doesnt need much explanation. It pretty much speaks for itself. I LOVE!

Who did it best!:

Lanvin SS13
Jean Paul Gaultier SS13
Versace SS13


1. I'd advise the bigger busted woman to stay away. Theres a THIN line between sexy and just plain trashy. So be wise with it.

Drapes & Ruffles

Draping and ruffles to me, give off a very classy and chic feel. In the right places they really do accentuate and contour the female body.

Who did it best:

Donna Karan SS13
Balenciaga SS13


Givenchy SS13



1. Yes! you can have too much of a good thing so avoid too many ruffles else you may end up looking like Cinderellas step sisters...That is not okay!
2. Ruffles and draping can even out the body. For a proportionate look choose peplum

Enjoy Beaus!

Stay tuned...
Stay beautiful...x

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