Thursday, 31 January 2013

Insert Colour Here...

Hi Beaus!,

  Anyone who knows me will know that I absolutley love wearing colours! Mixing the simplest and the strangest of colours just to see what I would end up with . A lot of people tend to steer away from colourful outfits because they can sometimes be more difficult  to put together and can sometimes be a lot more conspicuous than you may be aiming for.
   I think it's absolutley esssential for everyone to own at least a couple of bright coloured pieces in their wardrobe. And candy colours and pastels are so super in at the moment so what better time to grab some colour. I put together a few looks with some brights and some pastels ....

City Girl Chic

I kept the first really simple teaming a black knittted jumper with a black blazer ,pastel green bottoms and black poin toe court shoes.

Keep It Cute

I teamed the same pastel green bottoms with a paisley print salmon shirt and bright green court shoes. Perfect outfit for a nice and easy  spring day.

Give Me More...

 This look is uber fun and flirty for my fellow colour lovers . I paired a lilac sheer blouse with a pair of cropped coral jeans and coral sandals with a graphic print clutch for added oomph :). I added a navy blue military style coat so keep it clean and stylish.


 My final look is a little on the risky side for those who dare to try! Instead of the usual black or dark colours when going for an edgy look try a pretty colour for a little twist! A camoflague military hat on a pastel green bodycon dress and a pair of ankle boots with a black biker jacket!


Stay tuned...
Stay Beautiful...x

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