Friday, 4 January 2013

Jeffrey Campbell

Jeffery Campbell Lita With Gold Spikes
Jeffrey Campbell most definitley captures the fundamentals of street style without all the nitty gritty (sometimes!!). With its urban feel, a lot lot lot of edge!! . If theres one thing J.C shoes are its definitley edgy!  Some of them a little more than they need to be... just borderline crazy.

I'd like to say theres something for everyone but I'm not sure thats true. I dont think there is much option for 'safe' dressing girl. I'd say its more for the hipsters and trendsetters of our day.
Nonetheless J.C does give us some great shoes and a quick and affordable solution to jazz up the simplest of outfits.

The most famous of all .. THE LITA! Great thing about these are that they're extremely versatile. I bet when you think J.C this is most probably the first shoe that comes to mind. They seem to be the shoe  of the 'urban fashionista' and quite simply the 'trend sheep'. Some do them justice and some... well...

Jeffery Campbell DOES have other designs besides the ubiquitous Lita, Foxy and now Nightwalk so jump off the band wagon and try some

Quick Tip:

The Nightwalk is not for everyone... they are not complementary to all leg shapes, especially if you have thick calves so before you jump on the bandwagon really assess the way your legs look in these!

The NoNos

Jeffrey Campbell 'Spicy'
Jeffrey Campbell 'Shag'
It looks like Cousin It died on someones feet

Jeffery Campbell 'Kick It'
These genuinely left me speechless!

Jeffrey Campbell 'Shadow'

Jeffery Campbell 'Nokea'

The Cream of the crop!

Jeffrey Campbell 'Ledesma Spike'

Jeffrey Campbell 'Zoom Wedge' iLove

Jeffery Campbell 'Bullet'

Jeffrey Campbell 'Dominique'
These definitley get a stamp of approval

Jeffrey Campbell 'Xxl Wedge'  

 Some Jeffrey Campbell Online stockists
1. (online there is more choice than in store)  (this has got an insane amount of variety to choose from. If you don’t mind paying customs charges. (American retailer)

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