Friday, 11 January 2013

R.I.P Alexander Mcqueen

After a brief conversation with a friend who was at the London Collections; Men this week, i was reminded about how amazing A.McQueen's lines were. I thought it was imperative that i did a brief post in honour of him.
I find his (and now Sarah Burton's) work astoundingly moving and consistently thought provoking. Never afraid to take a step into the unknown and always giving us creativity beyond our wildest expectations.
The first time I ever watched an Alexander McQueen show I literally had goosebumps and it sounds really cliche but I seriously just wanted moreee! The theatrics always made it that much more exciting, giving us fashion as we've never known it!
One of my favourite of his shows was theSpring/Summer 2001 show. Mainly because it made me stop and think. The show featured iconic model Kate Moss. The models walked in a glass box separating them from audience. With padded walls and models heads wrapped in bandages. Models trembled and gazed in confusion through the glass. I gathered a sense of sickness from all that was going on.  At the end of the show a box opened and shattered freeing moths and revealing a naked and meaty woman in a gas mask.
Yeah i know! so weird yet so Epic!! but I guess thats what set him appart from the rest.

Another of my favourites was his last ever Spring/Summer Collection in 2010 Entitled Platos Atlantis. Atlantis is a legendary and beautiful island first mentioned by Plato. It was said to have sunk into the Atlantic ocean after an earthquake. His interpretation of this through garments were absolutley spot on.  The collection featured the infamous shoes Lady Gaga wore in her music video 'Bad Romance'. Fluid dresses in pretty blues. The ambience to me was almost animalistic yet suttle in its ways. I LOVED the pieces in this, if i could i'd own them all . In all his theatrical efforts he somehow managed balance so that focus on the clothing is not lost!
All his shows are amazing but these two always stand out in my mind for various reasons.

He truly is an icon and a legend in his craft.... he brought to fashion what others feared to and did it amazingly. May his soul rest in peace.

I thought u might like to watch them for yourself ! :) Enjoy !!

For some strange reason I couldnt get the full lenght video to the SS2010 to upload so this is about half the show :(.

SS2010 Platos Atlantis


Stay tuned
Stay beautiful...x

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